Top 10 Best Massage Chair For Tall Person Reviews

Tall people may feel their feet cramped when sitting in a massage chair. But in actual sense, the massage chair should provide the ultimate comfort, reliability and durability functions. So what type of massage chair should the tall people buy? It’s simple, buy a chair that fits your required specifications. Read on below to find a list of the best massage chair for tall people reviews and what you need to consider when buying the best massage chair.

Pick the Best Massage Chair For Tall People From Comparison Chart

Top 10 Best Massage Chair For Tall Person Reviews

#1. Best Pick – BestMassage Shiatsu Electric Recliner Massage Chair

big and tall massage chair



This Shiatsu Recliner Massage Chair comes with updated features, functions, and design. This Chair is an ultra-long-range massage chair that reaches low down into the tailbone section and high up in the neck. The Shiatsu Recliner also features fatigue relieving massage with up to 20 airbags positioned in the chair’s lower body to provide thigh, feet, and leg massage. The chair also promotes better lower extremities blood circulation with its multiple intensity levels that give you either weak or strong massage. The chair is also fully automatic, giving a user the ability to recline the backrest or raise the leg or ottoman foot.

What’s even better? The shiatsu recliner comes with extra massage features like the air pressure and high power vibration motor for buttocks massage; Calves double-layered airbags for thigh massage as well the fixed-point, up and down moving revolver for active and direct finger pressing massage effect. The chair features a kneading process that works out knots and reduces pain.

Even more, you can adjust the chair’s massage angle according to your needs. The chair’s intensity control, width control, and speed control all have three levels. The air massage pressure also has 4 massage areas that work together with other points to present a fully relaxing massage experience. The chair supports your shoulder, back, neck, leg, foot, and waist so that your heart can work less while you relax more during the massage experience.

  • Computerized body scanning
  • Adjustable massage chair
  • Heated air massage therapy system
  • Functional diversity
  • You may also need to add some padding to handle the deep pressure


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#2. Best Smart – Osaki OS-4000 Auto Height Adjustment and Body Scan Massage Chair

big and tall massage chair



The Osaki OS4000 is an executive zero gravity massage recliner chair designed with a set of intelligent deluxe set of S-track movable massage robot. Thanks to this robotic feature, you can pay particular focus on the lumbar, shoulder, and neck massage according to your body curve. The robot automatically detects the entire body curve, and with other small adjustments, Osaki‘s robotic feature presents a user with a more scientific and humanistic massage enjoyment.

The Osaki comes equipped with six novel automatic programs, including relaxation, smart, healthcare, therapy, demo automatic, and circulation massage for the lumbar, back, neck, and shoulder (for the upper body), thigh buttock, feet, and calves massage (the low body). The upper body has three manual massage options fixed, partial, and full body massage. There are also six massage formats- Swedish, kneading, rolling, combo, shiatsu, and clapping.

The Osaki OS-4000 Massage Chair also allows its users to switch five levels of intensity and speed, plus three types of adjustments narrow, medium, and wide.

  • Computer Body Scan System
  • True Ergonomic S-Track
  • Airbag Massage
  • Some customers prefer a more straightforward control panel


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#3. Best with Storage – Ergoreal Electric  Infinte Position Power Lift Massage Chair

massage chair for tall person



ERGOREAL is renowned for a constant improvement of detail and focuses on manufacturing excellent products that meet customer specifications. The Ergoreal electric power lift recliner massage chair is a high-quality reclining chair for the elderly taller people and is textured for a suede lift. The Chair has a multi-functional feature that allows its users to stand up effortlessly.

You can adjust the chair’s position using a footrest and manage back system heating through timing functions. This chair has thick, high-density foam cushions made with an excellent suede texture. Besides this chair’s excellent stability and durability, you get to enjoy the power of its motors that lift and recline smoothly.

The Ergoreal recliner also comes with a remote design to help you operate. The remote control has a USB port for charging electronics. In addition to the side pockets that help to keep small items like tablets, magazines, and books, you also have the ease of installing and assembling the chair.

  • Easy to assemble
  • Super comfortable
  • You can’t adjust the back and leg separately to position the sit upright.


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#4. Best For Full Body – RELAXONCHAIR Zero Gravity Shiatsu Massager Chair with Heat

best massage chair for tall people



The new 2018 MK-CLASSIC gives you a range of massage options for everyday comfort. This chair has the 2nd generation long L-track Smart Body Scan feature. This unique advantage automates techniques like rolling, tapping, shiatsu, tapping and kneading combo, back heating as well as the foot, legs, and arms air massage system.

The chair has a zero-gravity multi-function feature to minimize gravitational force on the vertebrae, thereby relieving back pain and discomfort. You can relax more and work less. This chair has an automatic body scan sensor to determine acupressure areas on your back for a more relaxed massage experience. The chair is contoured like the shape of the human neck to provide more consistent and accurate massage. You can select several programmed massages to stretch your back and muscles, relax or rejuvenate.

  • Ergonomic Long L-track Rail
  • 7 Auto Pre-set Programs
  • Full Manual Control Massage System
  • No assembly
  • Stretch and Yoga Program
  • Some customers feel it needs more refinement.


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#5. Best Extended Footrest For Tall People – Titan Osaki OS-PRO Maxim Zero Gravity Massage Chair

massage chair for tall people



The Titan Osaki os-pro maxim has a remote style tablet touch screen that gives total control of the massage experience at the fingertips. The chair also comes equipped with lots of other features, including Bluetooth speakers, next-generation airbag technology, foot rollers, zero gravity, and computer body scan. The Titan Osaki Pro Maxim has many airbags and is has the most reliable and efficient air massaging systems. Airbags are manufactured from the latest technology allowing them to evenly distribute pressure along the body contour.

The Chair has lumbar heating pads with a rolling massage feel. A vibration mode in the seat gives high-frequency thigh massage. The heat and vibration can be turned off independently using the remote function. The Osaki Pro Maxim also comes with integrated remote made from touchscreen tablets to allow the users to enjoy preset programs and services. The buttons and images are discretely found on the tablet’s top right making the remote easy to operate and use.

  • The Chair has Touch screen tablet Control center
  • L-track roller
  • 12 preset programs
  • Foot rollers
  • Bluetooth speaker connection
  • May be not an ideal option for short people


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#6. Best with Rollers – Kahuna Superior Massager Chairs with Rollers

massage chair for tall people



The SM-7300S massage chair is manufactured with a wide range of automatic programs. The SM-7300S allows you to perform some techniques like tapping, kneading, and shiatsu on the various body proportions or the entire body. The SM-7300S has new features that give the user a full massage experience comfort. The SM-7300S Kahuna Massage Chair has a waist, arms, and shoulders air-cell system with multiple hip air-cells to provide you with real relaxation. Zero gravity is the most efficient position for spreading the user’s weight effectively around the chain.

By relieving the body stress, this chair allows for a more intense and more profound massage experience. By reducing the pressure on your body, the chair makes you feel almost weightless, and when reclined, the therapeutic effects are felt immediately and may be incredibly useful. What you get in this chair is an advanced massage chair combined with top-notch technology for different techniques. This chair presents you with almost human-touch Massage on selective body parts.

  • Wider and Taller Size Accommodation
  • Wrap Around Foot and Calf Massage
  • Automatic Smart Body Scan
  • Easy to set up and install
  • Some customers feel that the Chair’s motor should be improved.


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#7. Best For Small Space – Mcombo Electrical Recliner Chair and Sofa

big and tall massage chair



The Mcombo Electrical recliner is a lift chair that resembles a normal recliner. For this model, however, you can use it either in an upright position or reclined using a remote. This chair is ideal for individuals with recovering from surgery or people with mobility problems. This chair can also be used by people who don’t get comfortable with normal chairs or individuals with chronic back pain.

  • Easy to assemble
  • Lowe electrical power consumption
  • Reclining/ lift mechanism
  • Easy to clean
  • Side pockets and USB ports
  • Some customers feel that the Mcombo Electrical recliner’s Ottoman’s could be slightly extended.


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#8. Best Modern Design – MR Direct Zero Gravity White Heat Massager Chair 

best massage chair for tall person



This chair has eight backrest points that combine with other parts to give you full relaxation and massage comfort. In addition, it has several airbags positioned on the legs, arms, seat, and shoulder for a gentle massage. Multiple automatic preset programs have different massage techniques so that you have the best massage experience. Taller individuals can use this chair due to its extended footrests. Besides that, the Zero Gravity Electric Shiatsu Massage Chair comes with a high definition of an advanced VFD display screen that makes the massage experience a lot better.

  • Full Body massage
  • Zero Gravity
  • Extended footrests for taller individuals
  • Some customers feel that the Chair could be adjusted for a softer massage


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Best Massage Chairs For Tall People – Buyer Guide

The main problem that taller people have when sitting in a massage chair is that they feel their feet cramped. Many full-body Massage chairs have tall ottomans with spaces to slot the feet. When shopping for the best massage chair, you need to consider buying a model that has long or extendable footrests. This will permit you to automatically or manually position the ottoman leg to the most comfortable position.

Long Massage Track

The massage track is an essential part found in the backrest that permits the massage rollers to shift up and down when administering the massage therapy. When the track is short, the taller users don’t get enough Massage on the back. You can avoid this problem by shopping for a chair with an extended massage track (27 inches long). Besides, the massage track should be shaped as a unique S-Track ergonomic design to keep the massage rollers in close contact with the back during the massage process.

Body Scan Technology

The body scan is a beneficial feature in any massage chair for taller users. By employing either infrared sensors or separate rollers, the body scan system measures the user’s body shape and height to the precise location and customize the massage range to fit the different ways of individuals.

Shoulder massagers

Massage chairs with full-body air massage often come with unique shoulder massagers that protrude from the top part of the Chair. Tall users with wide shoulders find the shoulder massagers very narrow leading to an unpleasantly cramped feeling. When shopping for the best massage chair for tall individuals, look for a massage chair with adjustable or wide shoulder massagers.

Final Verdict

Tall people have unique specifications and it would be disappointing to experience discomfort because you bought a massage chair that doesn’t fit your body frame. As such foot-extensions and automatic foot extensions are the most important factors to consider when searching for a massage chair to buy.